A Program of Marion County Schools

Scott Mitchell

2023 Ocali Country Days

Ocali Country Days is back this fall! Old time pioneer skills demonstrations, unique artwork and crafts for sale, live music, great food, Silver River Museum exhibits, historical interpreters and more.

Dugout Canoes and Other Watery Tales

Take a look behind the scenes at the creation of the “Dugout Canoes: Paddling Through the Americas” exhibition, and enjoy a sneak preview of the Florida Museum’s upcoming exhibition “Water Shapes Florida.”

Pioneer living in Marion County

Robert Wilson, an expert on Florida pioneer survival skills, will discuss the essential tools and know-how of homesteading needed by the early pioneers who settled in the swamps and scrub of what is now Marion County.

Meet the Real Ross Allen

Perhaps you saw the highway signs, old postcards, newspaper articles, or even saw the Ross Allen reptile show as a youngster. Now let Robert Ross Allen, his oldest son, help you peek behind all the props on stage. What made Ross Allen the star he was destined to be?

The Real Story of Fort King

Katherine Ramirez will explore the history of Fort King, it’s importance in the Second Seminole War, founding of what is now Ocala and Marion County and the reconstruction of the present fort.

Edible and Medicinal Plants in Your Backyard

Florida Park Service biologist Andy Kilmer will discuss local nuts, berries, tubers and other plant foods and medicines found in Florida. Ever wonder how Native Americans and early settlers to this area survived? What did they eat? Join Andy Kilmer as he explores local plants to learn more.

Water, Water Everywhere – Do We Ever Stop and Think?

Local scientist and water advocate Lisa Saupp, will discuss the interconnections of land, water and the Florida Aquifer. Explore how the natural forces that make our area so very beautiful also make it fragile and vulnerable. Let’s learn together how efforts today may protect our beloved springs and vital supply of drinking water for future generations.

Prehistoric Mammals of Marion County, Florida

In prehistoric times, now-extinct mammals such as mammoths, mastodons, saber-toothed tigers, zebras, and giant ground sloths roamed what is now Marion County. Dr. MacFadden will tell the story about how these ancient giants got into Florida, where they lived, and how they became extinct.

Museum Open House & Evening Presentation

Join us for a special Black History Month presentation with author Rev. Bruce Seaman. Rev. Seaman will share the full story of a daring Civil War raid into Marion County and present his recent book.

12th Annual Silver River Knap-In and Prehistoric Arts Festival

Don’t miss the 12th annual Silver River Knap-In at the beautiful Silver Springs State Park. Expert flint knappers (people who make stone tools such as spear points), archaeologists, potters, hide tanners, bow makers, dugout canoe carvers and other specialists in native skills will gather from across the U.S. to demonstrate their crafts.